A Brand New Year

Ah, a brand new year in NY. Time for fresh starts, new goals, complete reevaluations of life and habits. Time to quit smoking, get a grip on life, sort out your relationships . . . Time, in short, for those dreaded New Year’s Resolutions.

In January 2018? Let’s face it, there are less hectic times of year to remake your life! The post-Christmas month usually finds me with enough on my plate without worrying about changing my eating habits! I’m paying the bills Santa sends a month after Christmas, getting used to my usual eating habits after the great Holiday Gorge, and generally recovering from the chaos that was the holiday season.

My point is that January 2018 in New York City isn’t the only time to start anew. It’s a great time for some people, but I’m not usually one of them. Besides, you can start a brand new year at any time—January 1st isn’t the only day of the year! Take finances as an example. I resolve on the year 2018 in NY to be more financially responsible. Great! But I know full well that I won’t be able to do that until February at the earliest—recently it has become apparent that Santa’s a hacker—how else does he have access to my credit card?

Rather than try to do everything at once (and trust me, there’s plenty in my life I want to change) I try to spread things out through the year. If walking and chewing gum over-stimulate my cerebrum, chances are that quitting smoking the same month I start learning to control my spending is going to burn me out too!

Feeling Overwhelmed?

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But if I approach one goal at a time, I find I have a much better chance of making the changes stick. And that’s what this site’s about really, making changes that stick, whether you’re making physical changes, mental ones, or giving your lifestyle a general overhaul.

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