Birthdays are a special day of one’s life. And if they are accompanied with a proper dress code, your big day becomes a perfect day.

Situated on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Katra Lounge is fascinating and inviting. Katra Lounge provides you with a sense and feel of relaxed confidentiality and intimacy. Surrounded by the ultra modern sound system, the beats of the music keep you dancing all night. Nightlife is always in full effect and shows at The Katra Lounge. Whereas, the Katra Lounge, unlike many other clubs has its dress code. The Katra Lounge dress code includes stylish and sexy dresses. Katra Lounge wants the dress code at its nightlife to be trendy and tasteful. The lounge puts a restriction on light colored sneakers. The bar enforces that you strictly follow Katra Lounge’s dress code.
The dress code of Katra Lounge highly recommends people to wear blouses with skinny jeans or dresses with high heels, fancy shirts and skirts for girls and boys it is suggested that they wear the button-down with nice jeans and shoes. The males are not allowed to wear baggy attires. The doors hold the right to be selective with Katra Lounges dress code.

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As stated above, the dress code at Taj Lounge believes in ‘Dress to Impress.’ Taj Lounge dress code includes collar shirts, high heels and all the outfits that give you a stylish, modern and sexy look. So, it does not cost you much effort to bring about your best at your or your friend’s birthday party. To meet your requirements, Taj Lounge assists you in creating and modifying your event. Taj Lounge birthday packages always have been an excellent choice to make your special day perfect.