New Year’s Resolutions For Bar & Nightclub Owners

It’s a New Year and all of us have great intentions. Not only do individuals have resolutions they want to keep, but so do nightclub and bar owners. They desire to increase business, help their employees become uplifted and also to entertain their customers.

Take a glance at some of the resolutions for the coming New Year’s Eve NYC 2018 that some owners are making from bars and nightclubs in Manhattan.

Resolution: Manage Your Social Media Better

The owner and operator of The Dram and Candleroom, Tammy DeAlano is planning on streamlining the processes he uses for social media. Taking care of all the required social outlets for three places (a restaurant, in addition to the two nightspots) can be a bit difficult under the best of circumstances.

He explains that every month, it seems, there’s a new website or app that they like to stay on top of. However, it’s a balance as they don’t want to overwhelm them.

His two main social media outlets are Twitter and Facebook. He doesn’t want to spread his efforts out too much and would rather just focus on their main brand and keep it entertaining enough that customers want to revisit.

DeAlano has tried various methods of staying ahead of the social media game, such as hiring someone to take care of it or even his whole team. However, in 2014, he’s planning on hiring a PR team to take care of everything. He explains that with all the information and reports they provide, it will be easier to target more efficiently.

He intends for the PR people to handle the day-to-day stuff, while he will take the responsibility for the brand-building, grass-roots posts. With a good PR company that knows what they’re doing, they’ll be able to get good feedback so that they know what to post, when and which methods that will offer the best shot to zero in on their target audience. This will allow his team the freedom to focus on actual content.

New Years Eve Resolution: Promote Exclusive Events and Parties in NYC or Elsewhere

Beginning in January, the lounges NYC hosts intends to run promotions along with Yuengling – which is located out of nearby Newark, NJ.

Ken Pisarcik, the owner, explains that they’re teaming up together with Yuengling and a ski resort so that they can help build each other up. He would like to take a deeper look into exclusive promos as he believes that if they have something other places don’t it will help drive business.

Pisarcik believes that they need to go out and find their opportunities. He explains that he has relationships with liquor and beer companies and that they need to be a bit more aggressive about inquiring about things like that to have a better shot of getting more companies on board with them.


Resolution: Attend to Your Specific Brand

In 2014, Pisarcik intends to focus on his brand.

He believes that this is something needed in the forthcoming year. Every year, he explains, they lose 5% of their regular customers – it’s the same throughout the industry – so they must be focused on bringing in new customers.

He intends to update and redesign the logo and signage at his urban lounge. He wants the exterior to make a much bolder statement so that more people will be aware of them. In crowded, downtown Philadelphia, standing out is very important.

He explains that he understands people kind of want a preview of the environment and atmosphere before they’re willing to look into a different bar than they’re used to. The new signs are a great way to grab the passerby’s attention and direct them to the bar itself.

Resolution: To Take Risks, Innovate, Experiment & Invent

Continuing to create a sensation is the Mac n Cheese Attack Burger created by Chicago’s own Rockit Burger Bar in 2013.

Billy Dec, the co-founder and CEO of Rockit Ranch Productions says that your team should work together consistently, take risks, challenge yourselves constantly and be inventive.

Weekly, the Rockit Burger Bar holds a Saturday evening promotion allowing customers to concoct a burger it will then make for them. It also creates its own burgers every week.

Dec explains that the result of this branding is that it fosters a culture of internal innovators and also customers who enjoy and appreciate this type of food culture. He says that it means more patrons, but in addition, it creates exciting experiences, leading to increased press, social media along with reputation.

Resolution: Maintaining Business Momentum

Last year Billy Dec re-launched his nightclub, The Underground, in Chicago. He will not be resting on his accomplishments, however, as he wishes to keep the club’s competitive advantage.

He says that the way he intends to do that is by acting as though every weekend is like the opening weekend – that means special events along with good communication. He explains that they need to always be looking back at what they wanted to get done and press on to make certain that they’re succeeding and not coming up short just because everything is going well or it’s too difficult.

Resolution: Use Technology Better

In 2014, to track trends, Vanity Supper Club out of Providence, R.I., is going to start using technology to follow trends more closely. Starting with Swipely, which it began using last year, rather than its previous CC processor in large part because Swipely tracks other useful metrics such as marketing, customer data, loyalty programs along with analytics.

Ed Brady, the owner, says that he uses the technology to track when and how often customers walk in. That way he knows that on his slowest months he needs to advertise more.

Another advantage is that he can contact his customers directly. He says that if they see that a customer hasn’t been back in a few months, they can offer them special coupons or maybe wish them a happy birthday.

Because he has a second year with which to compare, this year will really come into focus. As he will be able to have more data, he believes he’ll be able to make better marketing decisions.



A Brand New Year

Ah, a brand new year in NY. Time for fresh starts, new goals, complete reevaluations of life and habits. Time to quit smoking, get a grip on life, sort out your relationships . . . Time, in short, for those dreaded New Year’s Resolutions.

In January 2018? Let’s face it, there are less hectic times of year to remake your life! The post-Christmas month usually finds me with enough on my plate without worrying about changing my eating habits! I’m paying the bills Santa sends a month after Christmas, getting used to my usual eating habits after the great Holiday Gorge, and generally recovering from the chaos that was the holiday season.

My point is that January 2018 in New York City isn’t the only time to start anew. It’s a great time for some people, but I’m not usually one of them. Besides, you can start a brand new year at any time—January 1st isn’t the only day of the year! Take finances as an example. I resolve on the year 2018 in NY to be more financially responsible. Great! But I know full well that I won’t be able to do that until February at the earliest—recently it has become apparent that Santa’s a hacker—how else does he have access to my credit card?

Rather than try to do everything at once (and trust me, there’s plenty in my life I want to change) I try to spread things out through the year. If walking and chewing gum over-stimulate my cerebrum, chances are that quitting smoking the same month I start learning to control my spending is going to burn me out too!

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Read Psychological 911: Depression. Dr. Michael Yapko answers 10 of the most commonly asked questions about depression.

But if I approach one goal at a time, I find I have a much better chance of making the changes stick. And that’s what this site’s about really, making changes that stick, whether you’re making physical changes, mental ones, or giving your lifestyle a general overhaul.